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A Few Words About Us

New Fornia Solutions Pvt. Ltd. was founded in the year 2016 and this venture is the brain child of the team of veteran think tanks of BPO and educational sector.

The company set its footing in the small city after proper feasible study to increase the opportunities of not only the employment but also to generate foreign revenue to the city by running international processes.The decision was courageous to start the venture in an economically shattered city with no potential, as Faizabad was always politicized on national and international level due to its agenda that benefited the political groups only and residents were economically exploited in all aspects.

The policy of the company is to provide the employment to the skilled individuals, which will not be only an opportunity but it also will be an exposure to the international markets. The company is eyeing various processes to bring in for future to stop the brain drain from the city and the entire state towards the metro cities.BPO industry is always proved to be highest job provider in the Asian developing countries. This industry is on second position in terms of job creations. The industry provides the best remuneration that always attracts mostly young minds towards it and this industry has changed the GDP of the many small countries.

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our  Vision & Mission



To provide one stop shop solutions by maintaining identity of a flawless multi service provider, to increase the employment with utilizing the team skills into a rightful direction for mutual growth.


We are determined in raising industrial standards with integrity and diligence; we crave to choose contemporary customized solutions for serving the clients to win the position of best business solution partner in their improvised productivity.